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This is the second edition of the sole book devoted to a unique Arctic breed, the Inuit Dog, its place in the traditional life of Northern people, its future, and its role in Polar exploration. The book comprises detailed descriptions of its physique, temperament as well as a nutrition guide. Also documented is how this beautiful dog, indigenous to Canada, has survived for thousands of years in the harshest of climates, yet was very nearly extinct by the end of the 1960s. This edition contains numerous photos. 229 pages.

Ken Pawson, winner of the prestigious Dog Writers of America award in the poetry category, recounts a young man's experience during the Golden Age of Antarctic exploration. He details life on the remote bases where exploration, surveys and gathering of scientific data was carried out with the help of Inuit Sled Dog teams. Ken gives a compelling narrative, often laced with humor. 315 pages

A novel full of passion and sled dogs. Romantic Times Book Club gave it four stars. (Trails of the Heart) Northern Lights and Sled Dogs is an endearing love story that s sure to put a smile on readers' faces. The author's impeccable descriptive detail of the Alaskan wilderness provides a powerful backdrop for a story filled with passion, adventure and personal triumph... Genevieve pens a colorful and exciting portrait of two strong-willed characters who, through their own-self discovery, find not only love but triumph over adversity. A truly entertaining read.
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