Inuit Sled Dog International



The Inuit Sled Dog International (ISDI) organization has for its goal the preservation of the Inuit dog in its purest form as a working dog. The ISDI concentrates its effort on restoring the Inuit dog to its native habitat and acting as a resource for this unique dog of ancient heritage.



In the mid-1980s, the Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation headed by Bill Carpenter was winding down after Carpenter's public appeal to breeders of such northern dogs such as Malamutes and Siberian Huskies to take pairs of Canadian Inuit dogs. A number of dogs found homes in southern Canada. The prevailing opinion at the time considered the Canadian Kennel Club the way to maintain the breed. In 1986, Genevieve Montcombroux organized the Canadian Eskimo Dog Association but soon broke away. Changing the name to Canadian Inuit dog was the contentious issue. She then founded the Friends of the Inuit Dog, a loose association of like-minded owners and supporters of the CID as a working dog, linked by a monthly newsletter.

In 1997, Genevieve Montcombroux met Sue Hamilton. They transformed the Friends of the Inuit Dog into the organization known as the Inuit Sled Dog International(ISDI), which included the Greenland Inuit Dog and Inuit Dogs in other countries. Sue took over the newsletter, which became The Fan Hitch.

In December 2011, Sue Hamilton unilaterally ended the collaboration to focus her attention on The Fan Hitch. The Inuit Sled Dog International continues under the direction of Genevieve Montcombroux.